Senator Coburn’s response to allegations that he is holding up all the Haiti aid in the House bill on his desk can be read here.

Perhaps I am reading this incorrectly, but I don’t know that I agree that we are “mischaracterizing” anything in saying that he is holding up aid to Haiti.

Yes, there has been other aid to Haiti, and yes, there are things about this bill that aren’t good and should be worked on. Yes, his copies of letters to Mitch McConnell look good, AND yes, if the bill is an authorization for 2011, it’s not for 2010 as has been suggested and it’s “new money” as opposed to money already promised.

However, a basic fact remains.

Whatever kind of money it is, whatever year it’s promised for, whatever he wants to believe about his intentions – a bill was passed by the US House of Representatives authorizing money to be sent to Haiti and Senator Coburn is using his Senatorial powers to hold on to it and keep it from being passed.

From the standpoint of Haiti? Promised aid is not coming until Coburn stops his hold.

So can we stop splitting hairs and remove the hold already, Senator Coburn? You are a medical doctor. “Do no harm” certainly applies to holding up the delivery of much-needed funds to help those in Haiti that you claim to care about. Focus your spending laser beam somewhere where people won’t die while Senators and Congressmen get around to making up their minds. Remove the hold.


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