As of late 2016, I’ve started a Patreon for all things Vodou:

Please join us there. I make at least one public post per week, and many more for my Patreon subscribers, who get to see what I’m doing in my Vodou work and share information about Vodou education, Haitian culture and history, and other topics of interest. Patreons can subscribe to my private blog feed for as little as $1 per month, and for higher subscriptions more neat things are available including discounts and free publications from me, leson (card readings), and even Vodou work like candles and lamps for personalized purposes. Additionally, a percentage of the Patreon subscriptions is being sent as cash directly to my family in Haiti to help support the children and elders who live on our peristyle’s land. If we are able to meet the Patreon’s financial goals, I’ll also be starting a blog about the family and what our financial support is accomplishing there.

Thank you for your consideration, and for joining me as I consolidate my work into one place. The archives here will remain, but future posting will be on the Patreon unless for some reason I end up leaving that service. (Last month’s debacle around fees was a concern, for example, and so I am reserving the right to pull out if need be.)


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