Nels at Pagan Newswire Collective Minnesota interviewed me last week, in advance of my appearance as one of the guests of honor at Paganicon in Minneapolis, March 18-20, 2016.

It was a long but very positive conversation. We got to talk about Vodou, what brought me to it, and how I think Haitian Vodou is the most valuable Western Hemispheric spiritual experience for many reasons other than why one might want to practice it. We also chatted about cultural relations, the problems and challenges of appropriation and privilege in such relations, religious experiences in a multicultural society, how activism and religious practice are and aren’t related, and other deep subjects. I enjoyed the interview thoroughly – it’s not often I get to talk about all those things at once! – and hope that you will enjoy reading it.

You can read a transcript of our discussion at the PNC website. I’m looking forward to meeting many new people and having a good experience at the convention. Hope to see you there!


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